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Our company, our team, and our mission

Dragonfly Graphics, established 1976. You might call us the little shop that could. We started out years ago located at 19 SW 2nd street. We saw a lot of foot traffic back then. Clientele had to physically visit our location to place an order. (It was an ancient era, before email!) As such, our tiny store brimmed with customers, a small team of screen printing maniacs and a tiny alcove of an office where orders were placed. Fresh out of law school, owner Joy Revels turned T-shirts into gold.

Revels’ artful vision paid off. She bought an historic house on the southwest side of town and planned and executed a custom, commercial renovation, making ours the classiest screen printing shop ever. In this new location, Dragonfly Graphics earned the City Beautification Award for Innovation. Our creative, expert graphic artists are truly the cream of the crop and print impressive, cutting edge graphics. Our custom production, years of experience and high standards ensure that our clients are satisfied. Most importantly, at Dragonfly Graphics we print T-shirts with love.


Joy Revels was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She moved to Gainesville to earn her bachelor’s degree at UF and then went on to UF Law School. Once she finished her JD, she did what many grads do: she looked for a job. Somewhere along the way, she came in contact with Dragonfly Graphics, a struggling shop, which focused mainly on graphic arts and also did some screen printing. After Revels visited, she started seeing T-shirts EVERYWHERE. She experienced what you could call an awakening, and decided to put practicing law on hold, and used what resources she had to buy Dragonfly Graphics. That was in 1986.

What separates Revels’ business style from the rest of the pack is her dedication to working with the community – whether it’s by offering sponsorship to local events, or by networking with other local businesses, Revels makes a personal connection with everyone she meets. Revels believes that doing business is about much more than just making money – it’s about connecting with humanity and shaking hands with someone new.

Aimee Anderson started working in the sales department at DFLY back in 2004. Anderson has a passionate interest in promoting Revels’ business, for Anderson and Revels are life partners. Anderson earned a bachelor’s degree in English at Smith College. She then earned a master’s degree in English Education, later earning a second masters in writing.

At DFLY, Aimee focuses on keeping all social media applications up-to-date. Whether it’s by sharing new flyers on Facebook or Tweeting out pictures of T-shirts hot-off-the-press, there’s always something to post about.

319 SW 3rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601

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