Meet The Team

Joy Revels, CEO

Joy Revels was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She moved to Gainesville to earn her bachelor’s degree at UF and then went on to UF Law School. Once she finished her JD, she did what many grads do: she looked for a job. Somewhere along the way, she came in contact with Dragonfly Graphics, a struggling shop, which focused mainly on graphic arts and also did some screen printing. After Revels visited, she started seeing T-shirts EVERYWHERE. She experienced what you could call an Awakening, decided to put practicing law on hold, and used what resources she had to buy Dragonfly Graphics. That was in 1986.

What separates Revels’ business style from the rest of the pack is her dedication to working with the community – whether it’s by offering sponsorship to local events, or by networking with other local businesses, Revels makes a personal connection with everyone she meets. Revels believes that doing business is about much more than just making money – it’s about connecting with humanity and shaking hands with someone new.

Not only is she a proud business owner, she is a mother to her eighteen year-old daughter Fiona Revels (a member of the DFLY staff). When Joy is not busy running a business and being a mother, she likes to drive her go-cart, work in her garden, play golf and hike.


aimeeAimee Anderson, Sales and Marketing Manager

Aimee Anderson started working in the sales department at DFLY back in 2004. Anderson has a passionate interest in promoting Revels’ business, for Anderson and Revels are life partners. Anderson earned a bachelor’s degree in English at Smith College. She then earned a master’s degree in English Education, later earning a second master’s in writing. Currently, Anderson divides her time working at both Dragonfly Graphics and Santa Fe College, where she teaches English in the High School Dual Enrollment Program.

At DFLY, Aimee focuses on keeping all social media applications up-to-date. Whether it’s by sharing new flyers on Facebook or Tweeting out pictures of T-shirts hot-off-the-press, there’s always something to post about.

In her free time, Aimee actively writes and publishes.


 tristanTristan Adams, Production Assistant

Tristan has been working in production at DFLY since 2012. He started off working part-time while he was attending Gainesville High School. Adams is well-versed in all aspects of production: coating screens; reclaiming screens; setting up the technically detailed automatic presses; and supervising quality control.

When he’s not working, he likes skateboarding and hanging out with his friends.



raheemRaheem Saunders, Production Associate

Raheem has been with DFLY since 2014. Like Tristan, Raheem is knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty details involved with screen printing. Raheem also attends Santa Fe College full-time.

When he’s not at DFLY or SFC, Raheem enjoys restoring old houses, listening to music and hanging out with friends.



fionaFiona Revels, Inventory Specialist

Fiona has been working with DFLY since she first entered the world. At a very early age, Joy showed her daughter how to print T-shirts. Now that Fiona is eighteen, she has started working outside the family business, but she always comes back if the staff needs her! Fiona is a senior in the Dual Enrollment program at Santa Fe College.

When Fiona’s not at work or school, she enjoys playing volleyball and likes spending time with her friends.



joshJosh Huey, Head Graphic Designer

Huey has been affiliated with DFLY since 2008! He started off as an intern with the Santa Fe College Graphic Design Program. Once Revels realized his talent, she snatched him up.

While Josh can screen print with the best of them, he stays out of production and focuses on client art. We have several freelancers who Josh supervises, and each spring he takes on one or two interns from the SFC design program. Josh’s artistic style is evident in everything he creates. He’s especially gifted at taking a client’s idea and turning it into exactly what they had in mind. Josh also stays up-to-date on the latest advancements in graphic design software, ensuring that DFLY is cutting-edge when it comes to graphic arts.

When Josh is not in the office, he likes to work on his own personal art, whether it is photography, line-drawings or mixed media.



carrieCarrie Schultz, Pricing Manager, Invoicing Specialist

Carrie is Joy’s older sister and has been helping Joy with DFLY since the 1980s! Carrie has a mind for detail and numbers, so she is the one who calculates all pricing. She is a primo number-cruncher. With her focus on invoicing, Aimee and Sam are able to concentrate on customer service such as answering phones, e-mailing clients and helping clients place and pick-up their orders.

Carrie is a married mother and grandmother. When she’s not busy spoiling all her grandchildren, she enjoys playing golf with her husband.